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Digital Communication Tools For Healthcare

As an industry that focuses on caring for people’s health and well-being, we need to keep finding ways to improve how we deliver care by harnessing new digital tools for the patients and the staff alike. And as the world works its way to instant messaging, patients...

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Why Telehealth Will Save Lives

In recent years, the use of Telehealth has been increasing in the industry. It has been heavily promoted during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when strict lock-downs were imposed to keep volatile populations safe. In Australia, around 40 million telehealth...

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Retirement Living like never before

Whether you're creating a retirement living plan for yourself or your loved one, you'll always want the best living arrangement there is in your community. And although there is a lot of information about retirement plans out there, it is essential to understand your...

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Transparency in Home Care Packages with Home Care Software

Transparency in Home Care Packages is an urgent need for all the stakeholders of care. Entering aged care is a major life decision, one that doesn’t always come cheap. Depending on the home care package cost, it could either be affordable for some or very expensive for those who have limited financial capacities. Older adults in the aged care sector, along with their families, usually seek because they want to know where their money is going. They certainly wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for nothing—they need to feel that they’re getting exactly what they’ve paid for. 

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