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A digitial concierge kiosk specifically for care and retirement communities

Discover Australia’s Smartest Digitial Concierge Kiosk for Aged Care and Retirement Living

Care Businesses Scale Faster and More Effectively With CareVision

What separates the CareVision Digital Concierge from other Kiosk solutions in the market? It’s simple. We built the Digital Concierge with the needs of the Aged Care industry specifically in mind and we work with our clients in integrating features, workflows and processes within their organisation.. 



Visitor Registration. 

Visitor Registration has never been easier. Not just for collecting details but provide important safety warnings and induction for every guest, notify their connected family members they have arrived and are on their way to their unit or room, and make sure everyone is accounted for and communicated with in the event of an emergency..



Sales Enquiries and Unit Promotion. 

Allowing you to list your available properties at the site or other nearby sites,
including beautiful photos and videos, with easy enquiry forms and lead capturing. The concierge kiosk can be used as a self service sales kiosk or a great tool for the sales team to help them show the property details on a large, interactive screen



Resident Login. 

Resident Login is simple and can be done by the resident themselves using a swipe card or a simple pass-code. Once logged in residents can learn more about their community, log requests, communicate with family, and more. Where residents are not that comfortable with technology care and concierge teams can assist them simultaneously helping to educate clients about technology



Build a Community. 

Build Community A bit like the water cooler, only more interesting, the Kiosk can become a social hub to help connect people in the village. Publish news, events, social programs, and video updates via the concierge kiosk, display signage that is important for visitors, and helps promote the vibrant community and make everyone feel welcome and included.



Village Management

Improve Maintenance Management and service standards with an easy way to log a request for a resident, have that request routed to the right person for the job, and make sure the resident is informed about progress every step of the way.

Contractor Management & Site Specific Induction can be cumbersome, risky and costly if it is not done effectively. Contractors check in, receive site specific induction information, and complete the required information checks them selves. Meanwhile the Village Managers are notified of their arrival and can track their movements across the village.

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