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Customer Success Report


At CareVision we are always measuring our impact, customer success, and feedback. To make sure we are staying on track to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients we conduct twice annual reviews and produce The State of Customer Success report.

Purpose of the Report

The Customer Success Report is an Annual Report which CareVision has committed to conduct, review and publish to all clients about the state of our customer service, our ability to drive customer outcomes and how well we are tracking with delivering on our Mission and Vision alongside our clients.

”What is not measured, cannot be improved’, is a famous quote, (attributed to a few different people, but we wont get into that debate) which we believe to be true. We also believe that for this report to provide value to our user community and valued clients that it needs to be radically transparent and raw.

Our customers are our partners in delivering positive change to the care experience for care recipients and their families. Mutual success is required for this to be achieved.


Method of the Report

The Report is prepared based on surveys of our clients taken throughout the year including:

  • Training Feedback Surveys
  • Project Closure Surveys
  • Volunteered Surveys responses submitted through our always available feedback form
  • Periodic Account Management Interviews
  • Annual All User Customer Success Survey
  • Customer Service Feedback and Response Times

Surveys are also submitted by all end users, from training attendees, to the change management teams, or executives. care recipients and their families, and field care staff or contractors. While the feedback and responses are reviewed by our teams throughout the year and initiatives and actions to improve are undertaken regularly, on an annual basis we look at all the data and assess the overall state of customer success.

Our Latest Metrics

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Moving to CareVision has been transformational for our business. As we grew quickly our manual and paper based processes became unsustainable. I had no visibility as a manager as to what quality indicators we could be missing, and there was a lot of innefficieny and double handling. With CareVision, not only can I track these but I am pro actively alerted to trends or possible issues, and the efficiency gains mean our coordinators can spend more time caring and with clients face to face.


Operations Manager

Prior to CareVision we had a lot of turnover of Coordinators, and the number one reason cited was the cumbersome system we had in place and the manual processes. With CareVision our Coordinators can spend more time with clients, and complete their paperwork / froms and notes on the go. The CareVision Academy has also been transformational  to our onboarding and staying on top of the quality practices of care.


Founder & CEO

We have been a client of CareVision for over 5 years. In that time we have been supported by CareVision through all of the change in the industry. As part of their Continuous Improvement Program we get proactive advice on how we can further streamline and optimise our service, workflows, and ensure compliance and quality.  Our team can reach out to the CareVision team directly through chat and get near real lime response and resolution. This has also reduced the burden on our internal IT teams. The support from CareVision is industry leading, exceptional, not like anything I have seen from any other vendor.


Head of Technology

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