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Cashflow Confidence with CareVision

. CareVision Billing and Claiming supports HCP, CHSP, NDIS and more Funding Programs.

Billing and claiming for care is complex and regularly changing. Your business needs a platform that not only gives you the flexibility to bill in unique and competitive ways, but to also remain compliant and provide you with the confidence that your teams are optimally processing day to day activities to eliminate billing leakage and streamline claiming. Meanwhile your clients want transparent and easy to follow invoices and statements. With margins in care under pressure it has never been more important to ensure your care platform gives you cashflow and billing confidence. 



Dynamic and smart rates

CareVision has one of the most dynamic billing engines available in the market, providing great levels of flexibility and customisation for your commercial advantage, yet easy to manage standardised claiming rates. Billing Categories are  CareVision groups related rate sets, allowing organisations to manage their rates and billing rules globally and change them over time with version control. CareVision includes several different types of billing category, each with their own unique capabilities for dynamic processing. 



Service Reviews and Audit Reports

Making sure your optimising your billing is streamlined with CareVision from the first quote for the client, through to each time a booking is updated, and again after service delivery you have alerts and tools to help ensure that billing is optimised at scale. This includes dashboards that highlight potential under billing, gaps in billing data entry, and possible over billing. These reports make identifying data entry and user entry gaps easy and help you unlock additional billing opportunities.  



Automated and smart adjustments 

Things happen and bookings need to be cancelled after the fact, or fees need to be cancelled or new back dated fees added in. Its also not always possible to complete the processing within the billing or claim period and teams need a period to wrap things up before processing invoicing and claims. CareVision has a sophisticated adjustment handling approach that means you will never miss billing or crediting an adjustment, and eliminates the double handling of the process.  Think billing for the ITF after the department only lets you know about it months after the fact, it is as simple as entering the fee and back dating the start date. 



There is a claim file, statement or process for that

Whether your organisation offers HCP, CHSP, DEX, NDIS or Other funding arrangements, or a combination of the above, CareVision supports the claim files and claiming processes. Cutting down your claim process times and giving your organisation confidence in your cashflow. 


Integrate with your Core Financials 

Use the standard API Interfaces for Core Financials or turn on one of our Integrations with leading finance systems. CareVision allows you to trace your income and expense to granular level of cost and income codes, and view the related transactions on the client profile. 

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