Case and Care Management Software

Robust and ready to go case management capability for all care teams.

Collaborative Case Management

At Its Best

Case management works best when its collaborative, transparent and real time.

CareVision case management capabilities span case notes, security management around note types, global view of notes and search, case note review processes and audit, form formats for structure data and alerting, form review and escalation processes, goal and action plan management along with condition and treatment plan management and more.  



Collaborative case notes 

Manage case note security by case note type and client, generate reporting and workflows around case note types and clients to ensure no client is missed. Improve case note follow up and action with case note reviews and consolidated view for case managers to view all their clients case notes in one view to easily stay on top of what is happening. Set alerts and rules for case note reviews and follow up. 



Automated case management alerts

Tracking and staying on top of case management tasks can be difficult when you manage a lot of clients, but CareVision makes this easier and reduces the risk of missing someone or something important with automated alerts triggered based on system activity or lack of activity. 



Quality Standards Compliance Built In

CareVision ensures your teams are informed at the point of care, are up to date about the latest client information, and have the latest policy and procedures reviewed at the point of care. Not to mention compliant goal reporting on shifts and progress notes, as well as flexible forms, workflows and alerts for various case management and care management processes.



Client goal and action plan tracking

Build your own notification workflows and automate communications based on system activity with the Notifications Engine. You are empowered to control who should be notified and when, and what the notification needs to say including contextual merge tags. 


Generate support plans from data 

Use the CareVision platform to provide teleconferencing for, medicine, medical consultations, medical education, case management, and health education for clients across geographic regions. With CareVision you can conduct a video call in line with viewing the clients’ record, clients can have easy access through their CareVision TV, Tablet and staff can even hold calls while on the move. Not to mention, families can conference with their loved ones from the family mobile applications, making it easier than ever to reduce social isolation.

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