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The CareVision approach is to build meaningful close relationships with your stakeholders and your team. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in providing the best care services for your clients.

Our Awesome Team

When CareVision was Founded in 2014, one of its goals is to empower aged care organisations to streamline services and assist in scaling operations. We want to ensure that we’re developing great technology solutions for your organisation and providing you with an excellent customer experience. The CareVision team continues to grow with excellent and passionate members driven by the company’s same vision and values that are committed to supporting you in utilising technology as part of your client’s care experience.

Our Innovation Compass

Accessible, User-Friendly Technology for Caring Powerful Social, Health and Human Impact Simplifying Complex Systems of Care

Reduce Social Isolation

Reducing Social Isolation and loneliness delays the onset and aggressiveness of age-related cognitive deterioration such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It also contributes to the declining quality of life and general happiness. Core to all our continuous innovation is the reduction of social isolation.

Research & Development

There is a lot of research to do before Alzheimer’s and Dementia become a thing of the past. We are committed to reinvesting technology and community programs for a future cure, and community programs for seniors to reduce impact today.

Deliver Results

We have a clear overall goal, to “reduce social isolation and loneliness in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s”, each solution is designed to achieve this plus our solution specific goals. We actively monitor the success of our solutions against these goals and report on their success on a quarterly basis.

Simplicity, Usability & Effectiveness

Interfaces and software are constantly changing and it becomes confusing. While the challenges in aged care are complex, we are committed to simple interfaces and minimising substantial changes to ensure usability by all.

Trust and Security

When Connecting to CareVision, you entrust us to care for your information
and we take this responsibility very seriously.


We are transparent with our services, our platform updates and our security policies to help you understand how we manage our products and services to ensure your data is secure. Read about our security practices or give us a call to discuss You are in control of who can access your organisation’s data, and how they can interact with it. Your clients have access to revoke family/friend access and decide on what they can access. Learn how to manage security roles and access here.


Access to your data anytime, anywhere, is vital, and in the health sector can be a matter of life and death. Data loss and outages can happen, but we have designed safeguards in place to ensure your data is safe, and access to it is maintained. We have geographically dispersed data centres, with 99.999999999% of durability. Our automated rollback and recovery process ensures in the unlikely event of downtime, its only moments before service is restored.


You have control over your profile and manage the people you wish to connect with anytime, anywhere. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect about you and why what we do with that information. Data is a key ingredient in our product roadmap development. We use de-identified data to improve our services and make them as useful our users as possible. With the exception of integrations which you activate to help your business operations, we do not share data your data with third parties.


As a cloud solution, CareVision is built on the worlds best server infrastructure, with geographically dispersed data centres, auto-scaling environments, with automated backup, deployment and update procedures to ensure that CareVision runs with consistent quality 24/7, and 99% availability built in.  Our team are proactive about hunting down possible points of failure, and we stress-test relentlessly. We publish our service availability status on our Website and outages are also reported across social media and email.

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