Care Team Communication & Collaboration

Secure communication channels for Care Teams with smart communication tools and case conferencing.

Communications that help care teams succeed

Communications are key to quality care, streamlining them is key to scaling your impact

CareVision automates and eliminates repetitive communication tasks, putting the answers to common questions at your care team, care recipients and communities fingertips. By keeping all the stakeholders of care in the loop, CareVision saves care teams hundreds of hours a month. 



Private and Group Chat. 

Secure private chat can make operations easy, from chatting with team members about their schedule, through to fielding questions from clients. Use case management chat groups about a client to track discussions to the client profile or invite 3rd party such as Dr or Allied Health to discuss clients needs in the secure application. Use team group chats to manage areas of the business or distribute quality updates.  



Common Questions Answered 

Publish common questions and answers and make available to your clients and their family members through the application or email. Help your new clients, families and team members get up to speed with the common questions and processes of your organisation. 



Reduce queries and questions 

Residents, care recipients and their family and friends can be issued with access to the application to ensure that they stay in the loop and up to date with the latest your organisation is offering. Reduce the questions about where the carer is, or who is coming this week, streamline service cancellation and requests, and allow for families to submit queries and chat with appropriate team members. 



Automated Notifications

Build your own notification workflows and automate communications based on system activity with the Notifications Engine. You are empowered to control who should be notified and when, and what the notification needs to say including contextual merge tags. 



Video Calls for Virtual Care 

Use the CareVision platform to provide teleconferencing for, medicine, medical consultations, medical education, case management, and health education for clients across geographic regions. With CareVision you can conduct a video call in line with viewing the clients’ record, clients can have easy access through their CareVision TV, Tablet and staff can even hold calls while on the move. Not to mention, families can conference with their loved ones from the family mobile applications, making it easier than ever to reduce social isolation.

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