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Effectively manage your NDIS Participants goals, care needs, schedules, quotes and contracts, claiming all while ensuring they are empowered and in control of their care outcomes and goals. 

The NDIS can be complex. The Good News is CareVision is Software Designed for NDIS Providers that makes it easy. 


Focus on goals and client outcomes. 

CareVision makes tracking goals and action plans, and integrating them into your workflows easy and effective. With the goals shared with teams and client care circle you are able to engage and empower your participants to report on their goals and track progress towards attaining them. 

 Our goals model scales well as you care for and support more and more participants our goals engine helps you stay on top of them all with trend reporting, and boundary alerting. 



Easy Quote, Budget and Contract 

With quoting and budgeting, that is integrated with your client care and service plans, CareVision streamlines your client onboarding and reduces the time to first service. With our NDIS Integration Add On you are also able to streamline the automatic creation of and update of client Service Bookings in PRODA NDIS, and have confidence in your cashflow and claim success. 



Seamless Billing and Claiming. 

The NDIS Pricing arrangements and limits are complex but CareVision makes them easy to navigate and stay up to date. With robust and automated billing options including time based, travel with client, call out fees, sleepovers, interruptions, recurring fees, purchases and SIL households there is no other software platform that offers the flexibility and streamlined billing that CareVision does. 

Our service review and self audit capability allows your teams to audit and optimise billing and claiming everyday. 



Empowered care teams are happy care teams resulting in great client outcomes. 

Teams, contractors and even volunteers can receive job requests and work schedules on their mobile devices, complete with all the details and instructions they need, task lists, reporting requirements and more. View the client’s profiles, likes, dislikes recommended topics of conversation and more to ensure services are delivered to the highest standards, and the client is delighted by every interaction with your staff.

NDIS Quote and Contract With Ease

Easily generate NDIS quotes & contracts, automatically generate plans and service bookings.

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The NDIS Price Guide is complex but building quotes shouldnt be, it is important to be able to get quotes out to your prospective and current clients quickly and easily to improve the rate of conversion.

The CareVision Quote and Contract Module is a powerful tool designed to collate the NDIS Support Catalogue’s prices in a simple and easy to use calculator.

CareVision’s NDIS Software Quote and Contract module allows you to build out draft service plans tied to the NDIS Price Guide, aligned to your clients plan start and end dates, easily share them via an easy to follow PDF format or email, or through the client application.

On acceptance of the quote the participants recurring service plan, funding, fees and service booking are automatically generated, making them ready for service faster.

NDIS Rates and Billing Simplified

Remove the complexity of NDIS billing rules, sleepover rates, interruptions, and rate treatments

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CareVision’s billing software for NDIS supports the complexity of the NDIS Price guide, including time bracketing, travel, sleepovers and automatically applies the appropriate rates to bookings based on the time of day, start time, duration and end time.

Our industry leading sleepover management will also automatically apply sleepover rules, interruption charging and paying, including automatically converting shifts to full active shift based on the volume and duration of interruptions during the shift. 

 With the NDIS Price Guide changing regularly,  CareVision makes it easy to update your rates as part of our managed service and support. 

Transparent NDIS Goal Tracking

Establish client goals, how to measure success towards achieving them and track quality outcomes

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Goals are important because they are your participants personal desires about what they would like to do and achieve with your organisations support. 

CareVision’s Goal Management Software Modules allow for your participants goals across various care domains, develop clear plans, and establish an agreed measurement of success around each Goal.

Each time one of the measurements around a goal is captured on any form in the system it contributes to a trend report about the success towards achieving that goal. Clients can be engaged on the application to self report on their goals. Easy alerting also helps ensure your staying on top of all your client goals. 

NDIS Compliance and Quality

From staying on top of quality indicators, to quality forms and processes, and compliances.

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CareVision NDIS Compliance and Quality Management Software allows NDIS providers to reduce their risk of non-compliance and to promote ethical, respectful and safe service delivery, all while ensuring positive outcomes for Participants. 

With CareVision you can publish policy and procedure updates to all staff, ensure they are signed off on, and also available at the point of care on related service shifts.

Qualifications and Skills can be managed and tracked, including reporting and alerting when qualifications are close to expiry. 

CareVision Scheduleing Software for NDIS also ensures that only certified and qualified staff are booked to shifts with clients. 

Quality indicator reporting includes reporting client care domain outcomes, alerting to trends and ensuring goals are effecetively managed.

Keep track of Feedback, Complaints and Compliments, as well as manage incidents with the CareVision forms and workflows for NDIS. 

NDIS Reporting and Dashboards

From staying on top of quality indicators, to quality forms and processes, and compliances.

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 NDIS Reporting, along with business performance and optimisation reporting is available through the CareVision Portal. Book a demo to learn more. 

Engage NDIS Participants in Their Care

Engage participants in their care, with the CareVision app they are empowered

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With the CareVision App your participants can truly engage in their Care. With access to check on bookings, rate services, and make service requests, RSVP to events, check on their Goals, and even self report on their goals participants report feeling empowered with CareVision. 

Some use cases that have had great success include:

  • Setting up reminders for participants as part of their care plan, having participants report on their completion
  • Sharing regular informative content with participants and their families including educational content just for families which can help them be more informed 
  • Sharing tasks with families and participants to be completed, and allowing families and participants to submit tasks for the team to complete during assigned visits
  • Allowing participants to rate their services and provide feedback in real time. 
  • Invite your community to activities and events and manage RSVP and attendance


NDIS Proda Claiming Made Easy

Streamline your service booking creation, claiming, manage and avoid claim errors to get paid faster

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Service bookings put aside money in an NDIA-managed participant’s budget to pay NDIS registered providers for supports or services to be delivered. 

Service bookings show the type of support participants need and for how long they need it. It also confirms there is funding in their plan to pay for these supports.

It is vital to your NDIS organisation to streamline the service booking creation process to ensure timely reservation of funds. CareVision helps streamline services bookings. 

Cashflow can be improved with daily claiming processes supported by CareVision. 


NDIS Rostering and Scheduling

World leading Care Scheduling Software in its speed, flexibility, mobility and intelligence.

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Our care scheduling engine is world leading in its speed, flexibility, and intelligence. Not to mention, mobility, meaning case managers can adjust and change schedules while on the move.

Auto-scheduling and recommended Carers for each booking makes it easy to build a schedule. Carers are recommended based on skills and qualifications, prior work history with a client, client ratings of their services,  location and availability on the day and time in question.

Travel Time is automatically calculated while you plan, and updated in line with the schedule, ensuring effective time management. Its easy to see when not enough travel time is allocated, and avoid staff being late due to unrealisitc travel time expectations.

Similarly, when staff have work spread out and too large or too many gaps between bookings, they become disengaged, increasing staff turnover. Optimise your staff time to deliver them more working hours in the day. Studies say that 70% of carers in Australia, want +10 hours more work in a week than they are currently getting.

Streamline NDIS Staff Onboarding

Improve staff activation and retention with streamlined onboarding processes and stay on top of performance.

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When onboarding staff there is a lot to keep track of. CareVision makes onboarding easy with simplified workflows and customised forms. When your staff are invited to join CareVision they are prompted to confirm their details, payroll information, certifications and compliances, as well as review and sign off on relevant policy and procedure content making it easier to onboard and reducing the time to first service. 

NDIS Award Interpretation & Payroll

Award interpretation at the point of scheduling along with full payroll capabilities and compliance.

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CareVision offers the most sophisticated rostering and award interpretation with the ability to validate rosters at the point of scheduling to optimise and reduce payroll costs. Also track different types of shifts to different award rules and rates to allow for multi award assignment to further optimise payroll costs. When processing payroll seamlessly comply with payroll rules, single touch payroll and super processing, and distribute payslips automatically through the app. 

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