Social isolation is linked to a range of health problems, such as poor coping mechanism, increased risk of developing Dementia, cardiovascular problems, increased incidence of slips and fall accidents. It also leads to a higher aged care and social service usage, and early admission to a residential care facility or nursing home. In some extreme cases, social isolation is directly associated with mortality.

Over the past 20 years, the number of older Australians aged 65 years and above increased by 27.5%. This figure is estimated to grow rapidly in the coming years as the rest of the baby boomers turn 65. Now, not all older adults who live alone are socially isolated, and social isolation in itself is not limited to old age. However, social isolation in older adults is a serious health issue that unfortunately, not everyone is aware of.

There have been public calls made to address social isolation. Technology has made instant communication possible with just a touch on mobile phones, laptops and other hand-held gadgets. Unfortunately, social media and communications platforms have failed to consider the needs of a large population of older individuals and people with disability.

In the past years, technology has helped establish constant communication between individuals and their family members who are separated by distance and work. Using technology as a precursor to revolutionise the delivery of aged care and other social services, the next step would be to determine how to engage older adults and people with disabilities. However, most of existing platforms do not cater to the needs and requirements of older people in terms of usability, security, or content.

Empowering Older Adults with CareVision Technology

CareVision is an easy to use Smart Television that helps care recipients stay connected with family, friends, carers, and community groups to increase the number of, and quality of interactions with other people and prevent social isolation. Research has revealed that the television is already the primary source of a companionship for people who are 65 years and above. By upgrading to a CareVIsion Television, individuals are able to receive the most important kind of news to the TV, their family and friends news

Connect with an Extended Care Community

Care recipients are connected to an extended care community with CareVision. Using this technology encourages family members and friends to become more engaged in the plan of care and overall well-being of their loved one, alleviating pressure from care providers.

The technology allows care providers to nurture the connection with family, friends, and other allied health professionals involved in the care recipient’s health team. This provides a platform for care discussion points, member profiles, and community competitions.

Single or Group Conferencing

Ideal for older people who are geographically distanced, home-bound or who lack access to transportation Live video conferencing helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and depression by providing a medium for communicating with family and friends. It helps them feel relevant, connected with their loved ones and gives them the sense of belonging which is vital in fighting social isolation.

Using the TV as a platform is beneficial for the older people. The large screen enables the older people to see and interact clearly with family members and friends. The TV is also equipped with a quality audio system that allows individuals who have hearing difficulties to adjust the volume as necessary.

Memory Games

Mind exercises help keep the brain active and healthy. Memory Games serve as a therapy that improves thought patterns and cognition. It promotes positive health outcomes such as feelings of inclusivity, reduced perceived isolation, and reduced boredom, which is both a trigger and symptom of depression. Cognitive training activities for older adults within the game module also helps prevent risks of Dementia or slow the rate of its progression.

Stay Connected

CareVision’s easy-to-use and accessible platform engage even the younger generations to become more involved in their older loved one’s health and well-being. Family members are provided with different activities that they can do with their loved ones upon their visits like play the Memory Games or watch movies and listen to music. This increases their willingness to visit their elderly loved ones as it also helps them to rediscover a common ground and conversation with their loved one.

CareVision is an eHealth company committed to fighting social isolation and bridge the gaps in aged care delivery system. Book a Demo today and help us reduce social isolation.