The best device for your care teams on their daily grind
is at the palm of their hands.


Care Mobility applications are now on par or now even considered to be more powerful than desktop computers. Smartphones are portable, capable of processing a sizeable amount of data and offer multitasking capability at any given time. It’s no wonder that the emergence of smartphones in the market paved the way for disruptions in every industry.

The use of mobile phones for the Aged Care, Home Care and Retirement Industry has a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders to enjoy. From reporting, communication, service delivery or staff management, here are some reasons why you need mobility to boost your Aged Care and Home Care Success.

care mobility applications

Agile Service Delivery

The retiring baby boomer generation requires a different type and level of care compared to their predecessors. They have more time for retirement and seek more independence. 5.5 million baby boomers in Australia hold more than half of the country’s wealth. They have the buying power to get quality products and services their hard earned money can buy.

Paper-based record keeping is not enough to keep up with the growing demand. Using Smartphones, staff members can receive notifications and details for service and product requests on the go with care mobility applications. For field carers, they can track KM travelled with the latest maps and GPS technology.  After completing their tasks, carers can send reports to both the care organisation and the client’s primary carers. Customer Satisfaction guaranteed!

care mobility applications with CareVision

Communication and Community

In the world of Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp and a smorgasbord of apps under the sun, there are many ways to stay connected. However, it will take more than a chatbox to achieve valuable engagement for care organisations. 

Retirees look for emotional support from their family and social connection from their friends and community. Their family members want to have peace of mind that their loved ones are getting the care they need. Communities want to publish the latest news and invite people to events to keep everyone active and engaged.

The industry needs well developed care mobility applications designed around the requirements of everyone involved in the care of retirees and older persons, where everyone works together in a collaborative and transparent space. Give your organisation a secured and controlled environment to mitigate the risk of sharing client information over unsecured and non-compliant conditions by care teams and stakeholders alike.

Empower the workforce and attract new talent

Enticing younger adults to work as carers mean adapting to their behaviour and work expectations. There are countless articles griping about the Millenial generation’s approach to work. Admittedly, the same applies to employers who refuse to adapt to the generational shift. The compromise? Mobility.

Mobility gives the younger carers the independence to work at their own pace and activates engagement, collaboration, time management and real-time record keeping for your current staff. Let’s face it, more than 50% of the industry workforce is within 10 years of retirement age. and a fair portion of this workforce are born career carers, some of your best talent, but they are not tech savvy. It is therefore vital your mobility solution is easy to use interfaces that make sense and where they can call support for assistance at any time.


Going mobile lessens paperwork by using phones to log reports. Care Coordinators and managers can communicate freely with mobile text, photo or video messages. Carers can view their own schedule, join community groups and have access to best practices and knowledge base when they need it. Integrating Mobility in Aged Care, Home Care and Retirement increases not only carers’ productivity but their overall happiness.


Give your care teams the opportunity to care more. Empower your mobile workforce today!