Don’t miss out as we have a bunch of new home care software features that we can’t wait to share with you!

If you’re already a CareVision user, log into the OMP and you’ll see that it has gone through a major revamp.

Here are some of the new things you can look forward to in the New CareVision Experience:

1. Live Support Chat

Between 9AM and 6PM AET, Monday to Friday, you can now chat directly with our Support Team from within the OMP! While you can currently call our 1300 number to get support, we will soon be releasing a dedicated support hotline so your teams can bypass reception and speak with someone directly for assistance.

2. A New Actions Tab

In CareVision Classic, users are able to see all Client Leaves by filtering the Circle List. The New CareVision Experience has made it easier for you to access Client Leaves and Service Requests thanks to the new Actions tab! These two modules—both crucial when it comes to effective care management—are now under one roof to further enhance usability.

3. Sorting and Filtering for Clients, Teams, Social Groups, and more!

We implemented more ways to organise lists. We added screens for External Contractors (third party service providers), Contacts, and Volunteers for you to better categorise connections. Also, save your precious time from all the tedious clicking and scrolling as you sort and filter you way through various lists. Whether it be Clients, Teams, Social Groups, Videos, or News Articles, you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for much faster and get more work done!

Form Formats

The functionality of Form Formats (formerly called Report Formats) is one of the most significant changes lined up in our upcoming release. Users are able to select who can view a form which will be based on a person’s Organisation or User Roles.

Additionally, users are notified on both OMP and mobile when a form has been submitted as complete. If they are included in the notification targets for a specific form format, the system sends a notification and it will also appear on their newsfeed. Setting notification targets can be done in three ways: by Target List, by Security Role, or by user selection.


Scheduling and Rostering

Last but definitely not least, along with the OMP’s new overall design, the Scheduling Area also has a fresh new look! We maximised the Scheduling Area’s vertical height, rearranging the top menu to appear in just one row instead of two. We also made the Navigation Menu on the left side collapsible to allow more space and help users manage schedules better. Also hopping on the transformation train is Staff Rostering. To improve efficiency, Staff Members will now be grouped based on their respective job roles. Within the Job Role group our category, the staff will then be listed in alphabetical order.

These are only five of more home care software features that we have lined up for our future releases! Stay updated with everything fresh and new by subscribing to our newsletter. Trust us, there’s more where these came from!