What is a Social Group?

Home Care Software Features for Social Groups is important for any care organisation that offer services funded by CHSP. Specially curated by care administrators and coordinators, Social Groups host various activities that are designed to promote an active and meaningful lifestyle among care recipients.

While priority is given to maintaining optimum physical health, it’s equally important for care recipients to take good care of their mental, emotional, and psychological well-being. By engaging and participating in community Social Groups, care recipients can improve their socialisation skills by meeting and mingling with like-minded peers. Doing so can prevent loneliness and depression, as well as reduce social isolation which are all common problems of old adults in the aged care sector.

Social Groups give care recipients the opportunity to learn and discover a new hobby; or, delve into a long-time interest–whether it revolves around cooking, sports, fitness, or just simply enjoying great company. Carers, volunteers, family members, and friends may also join a particular Social Group, ideal for bonding and creating a positive environment for everyone within the community.

With the use of the CareVision Management Portal, care admins or coordinators can create and manage their Social Groups under one Home Care Software Feature. Here, they are able to create new Social Groups, add or invite members, schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or once-off events, and even gather photos to show what their Social Group is all about.


There are various ways to entice care recipients, family members, friends, and carers to join CareVision’s Home Care Software Feature for Social Groups.

  • Provide a unique and memorable title for your Social Group. This is a surefire way to catch anyone’s attention.
  • Feel free to capture a user’s interest by giving a brief but exciting description for the Social Group.
  • Describe how the Social Group started, or where it all began. It’s always interesting to know how a group was formed and how it will continue to inspire its members in the long run.
  • Add character with eye-catching photos that best represent your Social Group, maybe even a snippet or a sneak peek of the Social Group’s activities to pique a user’s curiosity.
  • Input helpful tags to make searching for the Social Group around the Management Portal easier.
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