CareVision offers a unique single platform that caters to the needs of individuals, families, friends and care providers, and is now available in the Wingecarabee Region

After being put to the test by over 50 older local residents of the Wingecarribee area, CareVision is now rolling the solution out across the Wingecarribee Local Government area.

The family  solution empowers care recipients with a television solution that is easy to use, allows them to connect with their family and friends that are spread across the country or the world, while providing important reminders, alerts and reports back to the concerned caregivers. Individuals are able to find out about community events, news and services without having to turn on a computer or learn a new technology.

Families can choose if they manage their circle of care entirely or with the help of a Care Concierge from CareVision. The Care Concierge places a call to your family member each day to have a chat, talk to them about some relevant news, and in the process determine their wellbeing, food consumption, if their daily living activities are being completed and if not what might be the problem. The Concierge is designed to be a friendly interaction that also reduces the social isolation for individuals and in many cases improves overall happiness.

Families have reported being more relaxed about their older parents staying in their own homes with CareVision, and increased satisfaction with retirement facilities that offer CareVision because they are kept in the loop as part of their daily lives.

If you are concerned about your older parents in the Wingecarabee region, CareVision invites you to contact us to learn more about how CareVision can support you, support your family.