Building Trust in Aged Care: Assuring your Clients that Everything’s A-OK!

The care industry thrives on trust and top-notch care service delivery; so, when a family makes the important decision to move their loved ones into aged care, the industry turns to effective aged care management solutions to drive organisational and operational change.

The Australian Government has released a Charter of Aged Care Rights which are basically what older adults are entitled to no matter what once they enter aged care. It puts great emphasis on the right to safe and high-quality care and service, to be treated with dignity and respect, to live without abuse and neglect, and the right to personal privacy among others. When a home care facility fails to uphold these non-negotiable terms, what happens then?

Recently, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety held public hearings on “residential aged care, with a focus on care for people living with dementia”. Several direct witnesses were present in the hearings, including former home care residents and their families who narrated harrowing, first-hand experiences with their respective aged care facility. There were cases of mismedication, residents being forcibly restrained to chairs more than once, aggressive behaviour from older adults with dementia, and even the unfortunate loss of a loved one a month after going into aged care.

As problems like these continue to arise, it’s perfectly normal–understandable, even–for families to feel anxious. After all, they are putting the lives of their loved ones in the hands of another. However, it is the care organisation’s job and responsibility to somehow alleviate their worries by assuring them that everything is okay and in order at all times.

Aged Care Management Software

Families just want to make sure that their loved ones are in good hands, hence the need for home care providers to have a transparent and organised system. It helps immensely when you keep family members in the loop rather than in the dark, whether it’s about the care recipient’s care plan, attending to an emergency that might require immediate medical attention or their current billing situation. Active community engagement plays a big role as well as it reduces their fears towards the effects of depression and social isolation.

It’s also important for them to know that their loved ones have a voice and are regularly being heard despite the circumstances. Let’s not forget that even though they are in aged care and that most decisions tend to be made for them, older adults still want the freedom to choose and have their own preferences–especially when it comes to their overall well-being.

More than just a Aged Care management software application, CareVision is a comprehensive aged care and home care management Software platform that aims to promote quality care management for older adults in the aged care sector. By using the CareVision Management Portal and mobile app, coordinators and carers can easily map out and organise the right type of care for a care recipient to achieve optimum health. They can communicate with their clients no matter where they are in the world–all it takes is just a few clicks.


Give your clients and their families peace of mind.

They deserve it.