Following the declaration of Telstra Health to cease operations and support for their Community Care Products in 2024, a lot of businesses and organisations will be directly impacted by this announcement. There are three main solutions Telstra Health offers that businesses need to find an alternative for. If you’re an organisation that uses Telstra ComCare, this article is for you.

Users of Telstra Comcare have until March 2024- or under just 12 months to make a transition to a new platform. Organisations using ComCare will need to be at least in the beginning stages of their selection process for an alternative provider finalised by late April 2024.

Replacing Telstra ComCare with CareVision

Organisations using ComCare should find another platform that also functions underfunding programs such as PYP, HACC and other legacy block-funded programs. Within the software marker support, CareVision is one of the few platforms (if not the only one) that provide support for HACC, PYP, and other non-mainstream funding programs in Australia.

Telstra Health has declared that it will no longer invest, develop, or support its Community Care products. Providers have less than 18 months to replace these systems which have been deteriorating for many years. If you’re interested in migrating to CareVision from Telstra Comcare, reach out to us today.