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7 November 2022 

1:30 PM AESDT 


There is a LOT in this release, so head over to our release notes in the Academy Knowledgebase to cover the detail. For the short version see the key points and highlights below and register below to join us for the release webinar: 

  • Updated to the editing and deleting of case notes to improve control and management over the use of these capabilities 
  • Various updated to form submissions, viewing and reviewing them, editing and assigning them, and the update to the forms action board to improve speed of review 
  • Quotes and Contracts updates to the UI and UX and introduction of alerts and warnings, along with usability changes that cut the time of generating a quote by half or more
  • Manual Scheduled Breaks is a major new feature set now available to quickly and easily schedule breaks in line with your standard breaks under the award and ensures staff are aware of the breaks they are being given 
  • Major update to the Service Review Board that aligns it with our invoice and claim outputs providing visibility of the amount to be charged for the shift based on its current selections, as well as warnings and alerts where we suspect items might be missing, and the addition of a new view to view the adjustments within the period to allow for easier reapprove of adjusted items 
  • There has also been a number of items updated in recent months or scheduled to be included in the upcoming release, check out the +60 Minor Improvements and Updates on the release notes.

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