When taking care of the elderly, time is the most precious resource for delivering the quality care they deserve. Here are 4 ways software can help manage employee scheduling in aged care.

Employee scheduling most of the time seems easy, but it’s often a constant challenge for care management. As a manager, you’re tasked to assign staff to several shifts based on their availability, preferences, and expertise. On the other hand, the clients also often have preferences of care staff too. And we’re not just talking about a handful of carers, but also remote care workers in different locations! Besides considering your employees, you have to proactively be in charge of last-minute changes without compromising your residents’ or clients quality of care.

By using an employee scheduling software, you’ll never have to worry about tracking hours, missed appointments, last minute changes or overworked carers. Here’s how the employee scheduling software can help:

Task Automations

One of the best ways to transform your manual employee scheduling is using a digital tool that enables you to create automation for recurring tasks. This lessens your time in creating several copies of schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Suppose your residents have weekly appointments with the doctor or monthly community gatherings with their social groups. In that case, you can easily automate these schedules to avoid any conflicts with other care services. And you’ll avoid forgetting about these social gatherings, too!

By having an automated scheduling system, you can use scheduling templates to set repetitive schedules and tasks. This feature will help you save time from going over the same schedules again and increase reliability by reducing unwanted errors such as forgetting to set particular schedules when planning your residents’ calendars.

Tracking of Shifts to Avoid Overworked Carers

Tracking shifts is essential for the care of your residents but also to help your staff to have a work-life balance and avoid burnout.

Everyone needs time off to recharge, have time with their loved ones, and manage time outside of work. But when your team is misaligned about shifts and schedules, your facility’s standard of services may suffer.

By using technology to facilitate your team’s scheduling, allocating it properly within their availability, skills, and preferences, will be simple and enhance your teams morale and productivity.

Using an aged care employee scheduling software, you and your staff can collaborate to create the best schedules that work for everyone. It can help you keep track of their activities and leaves and recommended carers for easier and faster scheduling. It will also have full visibility, so staff members can swap shifts with other staff members if possible. This will also lessen paper-works and set schedules on the go or work in remote locations.

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Smart Scheduling Let’s You Plan Ahead

Aged Care scheduling software lets you manage bulk schedules easily. You don’t have to spend hours on calendar scheduling, and you can work on a month’s work of staff schedules in one sitting! This is beneficially when you’re working through the holiday season, where peak visits or activities are happening. And there’s a lot of services, community engagements are scheduled for your team and your residents.

With smart scheduling, you can involve your staff and discuss their preferred shifts, their individual care schedules and personal leaves to find out in advance where time schedule conflicts might occur.

Ask your employees to submit their leaves, such as holidays or special family events, early, which will allow you to find out in advance where the conflicts might arise. When you work on schedules in advance, you will be able to avoid issues and have more time to resolve them.

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Team Collaboration and Transparency

If you’re looking for more pros on why it’s best to shift to a cloud-based employee scheduling software for your organisation, is that it enables you and your team to access your calendars anytime, anywhere.

Working at the office, in front of the computer? You can access it. Currently working in a remote location or travelling around for your next care schedules, and you only have your phones? You can access it.

And as a manager, you won’t have to handle all the scheduling all by yourself. Know at a glance who’s fully booked or free to take more services for the day. Teams, contractors and even volunteers can receive job requests and work schedules on their mobile devices, complete with details of the resident, case notes and instructions they need, and specific tasks list for the day.

Team activity transparency lets you know your staff’s tasks for the day and receive live updates about their tasks. This will help you properly track their time and optimise schedules to ensure that services are delivered to the highest standards for your residents.

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