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Care Performance Reporting and Insights with CareVision

Use dashboards, action boards and views that will help your organisation formulate strategies to turn insights into action.

Produce powerful reports that organisations can use to identify trends, review essential issues, and predict cost-savings, staffing needs, and much more information to further the organisation in the years to come. These reports are data that can elevate providers to benchmark their past work, such as quality of service, staffing needs and overall performance of the organisation and use it to cope with the swelling demand of the aged care and disability sector, ultimately driving the business onward.



Revenue Reporting

A financial dashboard is a management tool that is a great way to track all your relevant finance KPIs, enables you to have an effective budget management tool, track expenses, revenue and funding in detail to meet the financial objectives of the organisation.

With the CareVision Finance Dashboard, you can easily have an overview of all the finance-related information in your organisation that you need to collect, compile and report to the key stakeholders in your facility.



Service Analysis

The Service Analysis Dashboard allows your team to compare service delivery rates by funding source, and with period on period comparison to identify trends over time.

For example you can compare your NDIS vs HCP service delivery rates and compare:

  • Total Number of Bookings In Periods and Hours
  • Number of Published Bookings and Hours of Service Accepted by your team within the Acceptance Window before escalation
  • Total Cancelled Bookings and Hours
  • Total Outsourced Bookings and Hours
  • Total Outsourced Bookings and Hours Accepted by your Contractors within the Acceptable Window before Escalation
  • Total Bookings and Hours of Bookings Outsourced that were Cancelled
  • Total Bookings and hours your team and contractors were unable to fill.



Forecast Services

View a “forecast” of the services being delivered by your organisation. It is a projection of the services that are initially acquired through the care plans of your clients. All data that can be viewed in this section are derived from the care plans. All services that can be seen here are ‘not yet scheduled’.

A dashboard with Forecast Services feature can provide you and your teams’ insight that can help you with your organisation’s KPIs and can assist you in increasing efficiency and accuracy of future decisions.

NDIS and Home Care Mobile Application
NDIS and Home Care Mobile Application



Client Management

With CareVision’s Dashboard feature, your teams will have the ability to seamlessly bring important client information to the forefront.

To assist you in organising and managing your client data, the client management page has four sections that you can utilise for all client-related data from booked services, case note locations, case notes by types, and client locations.


Government and Funding Reporting

There are several ways you can generate exports from the CareVision system to help you work on reports in your aged care facility. These reports can help you with government-related requirements or reports that you can present to your teams, clients, and representatives.

NDIS and Home Care Mobile Application

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