Aged and Disabled Carers are among the most in-demand roles in Australia. In September, 4,526 positions were advertised according to the Internet Vacancies Index. Projections from Jobs and Skills Australia estimate a significant growth of 28% over the next 10 years, equating to an increase of 86,600 workers. The trend is similar for Registered Nurses, with an expected growth of 24%, adding 80,500 workers to the field. The challenge: how can you find, hire, and retain good people in this tight market?

Candidate experience should be at the centre of your recruitment program. It’s no longer just a nice to have, it is an essential element of your employer brand. People exit a process feeling valued and respected, even if they don’t get the job. Meanwhile, you increase your opportunity to hire great talent, build a strong employer brand, earn employee referrals, and establish a pool of talent by leveraging the community around your clients, families, and staff. A positive candidate experience is a win-win for everyone. 

Embracing proactive recruitment, which involves  tapping into your network, leveraging word-of-mouth referrals, and utilising talent communities – can reduce ‘time-to-fill’ by 14 days (or 35%) vs ‘post ‘n pray’ reactive recruitment a.k.a external job boards.

The best healthcare workers are not looking on job boards. Chances are they could already be part of your community. Regardless of your business size, remuneration and EVP, a good candidate experience levels the playing field. It levels the playing field regardless of remuneration and EVP. You can have the best candidate experience. It’s not just about the ability to hire who you want. It has a huge impact on keeping who you want too. CareVision’s work with JobAdder gives you the best chance to engage and retain good staff with simple, intuitive tech.

JobAdder’s recruitment software is a powerful sourcing tool, via many channels. Track applicants through a streamlined journey that flows seamlessly into CareVision for new employee onboarding. JobAdder enables your HR team to achieve more with less by eliminating tedious recruitment admin. This gift of time translates to being more responsive and enhanced human magic, that is recruitment. JobAdder adds joy to the job of recruitment. To learn more about automated screening, posting to multiple job boards simultaneously, nurturing talent pools, and recruiters collaborating in harmony with team leads, please reach out to Rhys Hargreaves at [email protected] – Account Executive Health & NFP.

Article Written by Rhys Hargreaves,
Account Executive Health & NFP, JobAdder.