HR Compliance
Management System

Aligning Workplace Policies and Procedures, Staff Onboarding, Qualifications Management, Contract Hours and Breaks, Awards and Pay Configurations and more!


Care Teams HR Management with CareVision

Empower HR Teams from Staff Onboarding to Exit.

Human Resources Management for Care Organisations is critical to growing high-performing teams delivering high-quality services. CareVision’s capability around HR enables teams to self-manage their skills and qualifications and leaves from the mobile app leaving the verification and approval to your HR Teams cutting back on encoding and daily monitoring, enabling HR Teams to focus on other areas of people management.



Review Skills and Qualifications

Make every hire count. Identify the skills required on an organisational level to ensure that your teams have the right skills and qualifications, licenses or certificates, required to deliver the services that you offer.




Retirement Living Software for Work Order Automation



Set Team’s Work Schedules based on Contract Hours

 Identify your Contract vs. Casual staff, and set work schedules from the onboarding stage. Staff members can also submit leaves from the mobile app that managers can easily approve from the admin side.



Upload and Publish out Training Materials

Cut down on time to first service and increase continuous improvement communications by sending articles and videos that your teams can check while on the go. Organisations can also minimise risks by associating best practice guides your staff use can reference during a service.

Care Family Application and Engage Participants in Care with Mobile Applications



Keep Detailed Staff Documentation

Make CareVision the central location for staff documentation, performance reviews, and criteria. Build out your staff workflows with notes and forms. Organise staff members by Departments and Regions for seamless rostering and task management. 


Set Exclusions and Suspend Staff Members

 When an incident occurs involving a staff member, you can add client exclusions to staff member’s profile to avoid future interactions between staff members and clients involved. For disciplinary issues and governance rules, you can also suspend staff member’s access and activate at the end of the suspension period.

Care Software with Scheduling based on Participant Preferences

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