Digital technologies are being harnessed to support industries worldwide, and it’s being seen as an integral part of addressing challenges faced in the health, social care and aged care sectors.

These technologies can empower your staff to deliver the best care experience for your residents and their team collaboration within the organisation. Other providers have been using digital health technologies in their efforts to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Prevent miscommunication
  • Improve the quality of care
  • Avoid over budgeting
  • Boost staff morale

Staff in your care facility can use digital tools to manage their tasks, administrative work and care-related services. The use of technologies, such as smartphones, social networks, and web-based applications is changing how they can communicate and provide innovative ways for managers and carers to deliver quality care. These technological advancements are helping carers streamline information about residents and give them more time to focus on their services.

Here are just a few ways digital tools can improve efficiency and productivity in your organisation.

Let your teams connect instantly and share information with a mobile communication app

There are better ways to communicate without opening up those threads of emails! Instant messaging applications let your managers and carers talk to each other instantly by using their mobile phones. Providing ways to share and access information in an instant lessens time wasted searching through documents or papers with client information. This also reduces the minutes allocated to meetings, face-to-face discussions of shifts and reports.

Being able to connect with teams instantly gives managers and carers more chances to focus on providing care services for their residents.

Encourage them to use digital tools for their administrative work

Emerging digital technology solutions aim to lessen time allocated in admin work that includes documentation processes for client funds, specific care services, and personal case notes that are essential in assisting the elderly.

A digital tool where you can input all your client’s data in one system enables multiple care support workers to access information or notes done by other staff members. Charts, health records or care reports can be shared and stored in a cloud-based system to avoid errors in providing care, prevent hold up processes because of data requests and improve the overall quality of care that an elderly receives.

CareVision’s Care Management Software centralises your client records in one application where multiple carers can review and upload personal reports of each resident. This software gives them a better view of what’s happening to their residents, their personal preferences and the services that they should be receiving.

Give them access to team scheduling and let them manage their shifts

When you give your carers access to their team scheduling, you create collaborative team morale where they can all join in to contribute to managing their shifts. This also helps you find recommended carers, real-time tracking of activities and availability of carers or other managers to help cover shifts with no available staff.

Digital tools that offer smart scheduling allow case managers and carers to manage their schedules even when they’re on the move. It also has features such as auto-scheduling and recommended carers for each booking to make it easier for your teams to find the perfect match for your residents based on their expertise and care history.

Digitise compliance forms and avoid chasing down people for reports

When your organisation implements digital tools to improve workarounds in your teams regarding risk assessments and compliance forms that allow you to collect and transfer data from different systems, you are wasting time collecting data and reports from other managers. You will enable them to focus on their residents and improve their care services, which should be their primary agenda, instead of working on administrative work.

Managers are freed from reporting to a centre point with a digital tool because the data is streamlined in one platform. It has freed up compliance staff from working with spreadsheets and reports to contribute to the services of the care facility.

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