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Finding the right Support Worker for your Clients using Home Care Applications

Most families who rely on Aged Care and Home Care Services know all too well the struggle of finding the ideal care service provider for their loved ones. While there are countless success stories of clients getting matched with the right support worker, there are also tales of dissatisfaction and disappointment brought by care providers who lack a solid staff roster.

Just recently, Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), in partnership with Aged Care Matters Director Dr. Sarah Russell, released a research report entitled “Older People Living Well with In-Home Support”. The study tackled various issues affecting Australia’s aged care sector such as low-quality service caused by poor staffing. At first glance, you’d think home care providers would have everything covered for their clients. However, this wasn’t the case for a few research participants.

Several respondents put emphasis on their encounters with inadequately trained support workers which, to be honest, sounds like a complete nightmare–especially if it’s your own flesh and blood one on the line. One participant in particular talked about a client’s family “having to train an inexperienced support worker to use equipment safely”. To make matters worse, there are also cases of support workers who are deemed unfit to care for older adults with dementia and people with young-onset dementia. This is definitely a trade-off that no one would ever want to sign up for.

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When families seek the assistance of a home care provider, they expect nothing but the best for their loved ones. They put their trust in care managers and support workers to take good care of their older parents and relatives when they’re unable to. According to LASA and Dr. Russell’s study, clients appreciate support workers who are “suitably trained, punctual, trustworthy, and empathetic”. Once a support worker starts behaving otherwise, that’s when problems arise for the client and their family. Home care providers aren’t supposed to cause stress; they’re supposed to provide support and relief in times of dire need.

It’s highly essential for home care providers to ensure the level of competency of their support workers, especially when they get assigned to a client. As one of Australia’s most comprehensive home care applications, CareVision takes great pride in helping you find the most suited staff member for both low-care and high-care clients. It starts with home care providers gathering and submitting a pool of skilled and qualified support workers, along with the corresponding certifications for reference. Using our Management Portal, care administrators screen and match the staff according to a care recipient’s current needs and conditions. With this, task and service handling errors are easily avoided, clients and families are given peace of mind, and continuity of care is guaranteed at all times.

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