No matter what industry you may be working in, there will undoubtedly be tools out there to help increase efficiency and administrative processes. Lifestyle Management is no different. In this blog, we assess a lifestyle manager’s needs and how technology solutions can facilitate their role in the care ecosystem.

So what is a Lifestyle Manager?

Lifestyle Managers support positive ageing and are responsible for managing, organising and maintaining activities and experiences for the residents of aged care facilities and retirement villages. As a manager, their daily tasks would include developing, scheduling, implementing, updating a lifestyle program, budgeting, calendar management, risk and compliance management, accurate documentation, and collaboration with other care teams.

To provide high-quality care, Lifestyle Managers can use tools to facilitate their role. Here is a list of some of the features which help Lifestyle Managers.

Digital Concierge Platform

One of CareVision’s mission for the aged care sector is to reduce social isolation within retirement living, home care communities and residential aged care facilities. With CareVision’s Digital Concierge Platform, we aim to promote more vibrant communities by giving your residents easy access to communicate with their neighbors, family and friends, managers and care providers; encourage them to participate in social events and other recreational activities. Constant community engagement increases the clients well-being and overall health.

CareVision also helps streamline requests services and operations to promote additional services to your residents. And to further improve work request and centralised concierge assistance in the organisation with the digital concierge platform. This will help lifestyle managers improve the residents’ lifestyle programs and monitor progress within their services and operation.

Smart Scheduling

CareVision also offers smart and fast scheduling in the platform that is easy-to-use and has an excellent interface for carers and lifestyle managers to boost their services.

By using the platform, staff members and clients can arrange and adjust their schedules while on the go and schedule all their required services for their residential aged care or retirement living accommodation. Enabled auto-scheduling and recommended carers for each booking services will make it easier to organise day-to-day programs.

The application’s recommendations are based on skills, qualifications, client ratings and previous service with the client. This will lead to a better rapport with the client and the lifestyle manager or care provider and ensure effective time management for the organisation’s staff. Another advantage of the smart scheduling feature is the travel calculations for the team. With this feature, the carers’ route and time travel will be calculated to avoid overlapping schedules and delay services.

With CareVision available on desktop and mobile applications, clients, teams, contractors, and volunteers can access the platform anytime, anywhere. This significantly improves the mobility and productivity of the organisation’s client management and service providers.

Care Management

CareVision also supports the health care sector by providing a robust care management solution that will improve client record management from profiles, service information and their care reports in one view. Lifestyle managers and other teams can also see their clients’ plans, interests, social groups and coordinate schedules for them.

View client profiles and know more about their activities, specific care they need, their care history and their upcoming schedule. Lifestyle managers and other care providers can also record case notes, to ensure the clients care is documented instantaneously and accurately.

Improve team productivity and collaboration by providing transparency within the organisation. Know what the staff members are currently working on, clients’ assigned to and monitor daily tasks upon creation up to completion. This feature also provides essential details within the team,  such as care team schedules with live updates and team member check-in’s daily.

With CareVision, care organisations will keep track of budgets, funding and client-agency details for Medicard, My Aged Care, Department of Veterans Affair, NDIS, Pension and many more with ease. This solution will help the organisation save time reporting and processing details needed for government compliance and other related services.

Getting Started With CareVision 

CareVision’s all in one platform provides effective solutions for Lifestyle Management Administration. No matter how big or small your Lifestyle Village or team is, CareVision promises to enhance your organisations’:


  • easy-to-access client information
  • readily available database for teams and clients
  • work automation
  • Collaborative access for the whole team in one place

Improved availability and quality of Information

  • streamlined reporting processes
  • centralised clients’ records and transparency in team activities
  • accurate and up-to-date documentation because of the improved data-entry to be able to customize plans, services and activities
  • improve budgeting and funding for clients

Improved Communication

  • faster communication and collaboration for lifestyle managers and care providers within the organisation
  • integrated innovative technology such as smart TVs, Smart Home Speakers where the elderly can communicate and engage with their families, their managers and aged care providers

Discover more about CareVision’s all-in-one platform to help your lifestyle managers and other team members to boost productivity and care for your clients.

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