AlayaCare, a provider of home and community care software, revealed in January 2020 its acquisition of Procura, a once prominent healthcare technology that’s nearing its end-of-life. This move allows Canadian outfit AlayaCare to gain access to a large Australian customer base and a technology solution targeted to the Australian healthcare support system.

During the time of the acquisition, AlayaCare announced that support and maintenance of the Procura product suite will continue, and aimed to achieve a best-of-suite solution by integrating Procura’s software capabilities into the Montreal-based health-tech startup’s AlayaCare product.

In a more recent announcement, Procura has revealed that it will be ending support for its software solutions by June 2025. This decision marks a significant milestone for AlayaCare’s Procura and its customer base. With the end of support approaching, organizations relying on Procura’s software will need to evaluate their options and chart a path forward to ensure uninterrupted operations and continued care support.

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