Digital Solutions for Lifestyle Managers are rapidly evolving and creating possibilities to deliver higher quality care to Australia’s ageing population, even with limited resources. On the flip side, elderly Australians are also staying more connected than ever, interacting online while staying safe in their homes.

Along with promoting technology for residents, the industry’s workforce needs to embrace digital solutions for day to day tasks like case documentation processes, employee scheduling, staff communication, shift changes, client care schedules and more, which facilitate care administration.

To help your lifestyle managers kickstart their community management and activity planning, here are four key benefits that our software can bring:

Tracking of Lifestyle Goals and Personal Case Notes

For your residents’ to get the most out of all the activities you plan out for them, you need to familiarise yourself with your participants. This ensures that all the events you plan out are aligned with their goals, care needs, and preferences.

With this feature, you can actively collaborate with your clients by making them answer questionnaires that would be beneficial for you in getting to know them on a personal level and engaging them to share their thoughts and suggestions.

Personal Case Notes from fellow aged care workers are also essential when managing shift schedules, care needs and even for organising social events because you can align activities for each resident depending on their capacity to participate.

Activity Planning & Scheduling

When planning activities for your residents, it is essential to plan out something they will enjoy and find valuable. With planning, you need to have a complete social calendar template to easily plan out your event ideas and schedule them in the best time for your clients and other team members. This allows you to be more efficient, which means that less time planning, more time in facilitating social events for the community.

In CareVision’s Lifestyle Management Software, you can access a social calendar that you can share with fellow lifestyle managers, care workers and collaborate with them during your activity planning. Once everything’s set, you can easily print out the calendar to share with your residents and their loved ones, too!

Social and Event Management

As a lifestyle manager, you’re the person in charge of brainstorming social activity ideas, planning several events and managing necessary requirements to have a successful community gathering. With CareVision’s Lifestyle management software, you can manage social groups to interact with groups of residents with similar interests by posting articles, videos and photos and chatting with them.

This feature is a great way to get to know your residents’ interests and preferences that need to be considered in community engagement sessions.

And instead of printing your event checklists, easily access them in the software, making it hassle-free and paperless! Your list can include items needed for the activity, residents’ attendance, volunteer information and feedback forms. This is to help you make sure that you won’t miss anything and focus on engaging the elderly in the main event.

Risk Compliance

One of the significant responsibilities of a lifestyle manager is to make sure that your residents are in a safe environment, especially during social gatherings. But residents’ ‘re not active as they used to be, and their frail physical and mental state can mean the likelihood of common hazards such as slips and falls or challenging behaviors during the social event.

By utilising the software risk compliance feature can help you review activities, conduct an individual risk assessment of your residents, and ensure that your event’s location will not put your residents’ at risk of falling or injuries. By assessing several risk factors before an event, you can also coordinate and consult with other staff members to facilitate the activity.

Volunteer Management

A volunteer program is an excellent opportunity to welcome volunteers to join your organisation’s activities. It is also a great way for the elderly to interact with people to share their life stories and experiences.

Inviting people to volunteer can reduce social isolation, encourage open communication with older Australians who have limited social activities with others, and get them involved in different pursuits such as gardening, arts and crafts, cooking, and keeping active.

This Lifestyle Management Software lets you publish volunteer opportunities where people can send applications and forms to support you in your volunteer programs. You can also use this software to communicate and engage with your volunteers before, during and after events.

These are just some of the key features of CareVision’s newest digital solution for lifestyle managers. Try out CareVision’s Lifestyle Management Software today with different packages that will suit your team’s needs:

  • Starter Package (Per Village / month ex GST): $AUD 99
  • Team Package (Per Village / month ex GST): $AUD299
  • Pro Package: Custom Pricing – Contact CareVision for more detailsĀ 

Ready to take your social activity planning to the next level? Learn more about how your team can start planning events and make meaningful experiences for your residents with CareVision.