This management software aims to assist lifestyle managers and support workers with their daily activities, from managing tasks and requirements, community events and communicating with clients and their families.

CareVison is launching the new Community Lifestyle Package management software for lifestyle managers to assist with their day-to-day activities from community engagement, activity planning, compliance management and lifestyle tracking in care facilities.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand upon the aged care sector and the quality of care delivered. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the latest recommendations for reforms, the industry continuously moves to a more “human-centric” approach in providing care for the elderly. Several residential living communities have been adopting lifestyle-focused activities for their residents, organising community events and programs, and building amenities to promote an active lifestyle, good health and well-being.

With these, comes several opportunities for improvement and innovation to help aged care facilities and care workers streamline processes and services. This can be achieved by using technology that assists the staff in administrative tasks and gives them more accurate information about their residents, the activities and community groups they manage and other compliance requirements needed.

This is where CareVision’s Community Lifestyle Package assists the organisation for all the necessary processes and transactions they need, from planning, organising to managing activities to achieve great personalised care and community experience for their clients.

CareVision’s Lifestyle Management Key Features

“CareVision’s Community Lifestyle management software allows care workers to efficiently manage daily tasks such as client-service related tasks, improve social risk management, manage volunteer opportunities, compliance and certifications. Lifestyle managers and other care staff can actively communicate with clients and their family members to highlight the residents’ customised care experiences and share updates about their loved ones. This co-design solution brings together the elderly, their families, lifestyle managers, aged care workers and the organisation to give the resident the best care experience,” said CareVision CEO, Irene Ryan

The software allows staff to manage and review the client’s journey to provide personalised care, reduce care costs and optimise revenue by improving administrative processes. In the lifestyle community package, managers can easily access, arrange, modify tasks and activity schedules, manage social groups and events, and communicate with volunteers and other team members. With the users in mind, the CareVision team also makes it easy to connect with the clients, families and friends, digitally with video and chat functionalities. 

Additionally, the software allows managers to publish social events, articles, photos and videos, print newsletters for updates, and keep the residents and their families connected online. This aims to help reduce social isolation by encouraging the residents to use devices such as the Smart TV, Tablet and CareVision’s Mobile Applications for engagement and interactions with the community in a safe and private environment.

The Community Lifestyle Package also offers access to modules, CareVision’s knowledge-base portal and email support to guide your organisation and care workers every step of the way to transition to technology-based management tools and help teams improve their digital skill set at work.

Smart solutions to help with community-based care 

Undergoing a digital transformation can be challenging for providers and their teams, from finding the perfect care management platform to training the staff to utilise technology to improve care processes in the retirement facility. By maximising smart technology, providers can increase client satisfaction and enhance team productivity and data management in the organisation. With CareVision your organisation can get access to all of the necessary support and training it requires.

So what does the CareVision Community Lifestyle Package include to assist your organisation?

  • Making technology effective for all clients and family, with Smart TV, Mobile and Tablet access
  • Track lifestyle goals, case notes, dietary requirements and social schedule for all the residents
  • Managing of social groups, from activity schedules, attendance and essential details for social risk management
  • Communicating and managing volunteer opportunities, required compliance and certifications
  • Enhanced communication between the team, the clients and their families
  • Client management tools such as feedback forms, visitor arrangement management
  • Access for the organisation’s groups, from aged care workers, lifestyle managers and support workers for NDIS clients.
  • Publishing of photos, videos, articles and other related activities for the residents

If your care organisation is looking for the right digital solution to support your lifestyle managers and aged care workers in your daily tasks and lifestyle programs, find the best package for your team here or contact us for customised packages at 1300 324 070

About CareVision

CareVision is an eHealth company offering aged care solutions to reduce social isolation for the elderly. CareVision aims to promote accessible, user-friendly technology and simplifying complex systems of care. It is a customer-centric care management platform that uses artificial intelligence, voice recognition, connected health devices, and a secure cloud engine to support our loved ones’ care and empower them with the choice and control they deserve.