In a bid to enhance user experience and optimise client care management, CareVision has unveiled a series of significant updates to its platforms. These updates, which include the integration of My Health Record, the introduction of Workflow Creation with Task Notification, and the implementation of Offline Mode functionality, mark a pivotal moment for the CareVision ecosystem.

My Health Record Integration. One of the most anticipated updates is the integration of My Health Record into the CareVision platforms. This integration allows authorized healthcare professionals to access patients’ crucial health information directly through the CareVision interface. 

Creating Workflows with Task Notification. Another notable enhancement introduced by CareVision is the ability to create customizable workflows with task notification features. This functionality empowers users to design tailored workflows that align with their specific care protocols and organizational requirements.

Offline Mode. In response to the evolving needs of caregivers operating in diverse environments, CareVision has introduced Offline Mode functionality. This feature enables users to check in and out of services, track km, fill out service forms, etc- even in remote areas or locations with limited internet connectivity. 

Stay tuned for future announcements and developments as CareVision continues to redefine the standards of care provision through technology-driven solutions.