Irene Ryan CEO of CareVision is thrilled to announce its recent major release, which rolled out the last week of January 2024- with new enhancements and functionalities aimed towards optimising client care management.  The focus of this release revolves around streamlining the management of Care Domains, Goals, Conditions and Treatment Plans.

The release introduces changes to Care Domains, Clinical Reports and Trackables including the ability to add default form formats (think assessments) to Care Domains, associate care domains to recurring services, enhanced version control, set your trackable items, associate trackable reports to services that are related to Goals, Conditions and Treatment Plans.

CareVision also implemented improvements to trackable reporting, making trackable property types available on form formats for smooth reporting on the latest reading, which will flow through to a report against the client’s Goal, Condition and Treatment Plans. 

Not least, a new form property type of Likert Scales was introduced, that is useful to the upcoming functionality enhancements. The latest release went live last January 31, 2024.