The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has selected CareVision CEO and Founder Irene Ryan as a Future50 Health IT Leader for the Class of 2021.

Every year, the non-profit global advisory organisation, which focuses on information and technology in the health care sectors, selects the top digital health leaders who are dominant in their industry and known for developing innovative solutions to provide the best health experience for all.

Irene Ryan, CEO and Founder of CareVision, is part of the Health IT Leaders along with the new top 50 global leaders invited to join the HIMSS’ community this year.

“I am truly honoured to be part of the HIMSS Future 50 class of 2021, alongside leaders who have made significant contributions to digital health and technology worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the challenges the health industry is facing and to promote innovative technologies being ceveloped now, that will help future generations. I am looking forward to continuing collaborating with our leaders in the community to push for better digital health solutions.”

The Health IT Leaders category recognises leaders who work on innovative solutions for healthcare provider organisations and are champions of health information and technology. They identify and adopt digital strategy and enablers to drive transformational change, leading to improved patient health outcomes. Other leadership member categories include Clinical Leaders, Government Leaders, Innovation Leaders, Patient Leaders.

As part of its mission, HIMSS provides a community with a platform to connect and promote digital health agendas. Members chosen every year can participate in dedicated activities and programs facilitated by the organisation to leverage their expertise and contribute to the HIMSS community to continue advocating digital health solutions. Alumni members work with them as leaders and mentors to continue inspiring change to the future generation.