Introducing MADIE: Medication Access Door Infrastructure Ecosystem. MADIE is designed to provide and enhance medication structure and security for all consumers. CareVision warmly embraces this innovative digital health ecosystem, facilitating the seamless connection of medication and streamlining workflows.

MADIE not only assists consumers in managing their medication but also ensures the safety of carers working with them. Recognizing the diverse handling requirements of various medications, MADIE is tailored to offer comprehensive information and support at the carer-consumer interface.

Furthermore, a dedicated 24/7 help desk will be available to address any medication-related queries or concerns. MADIE’s scope will extend to script management and referrals, facilitating seamless connections between consumers’ doctors and dispensing pharmacies. This integration enables secure and efficient updating and sharing of medication care plans with the consumers’ healthcare team.

CareVision Medication Management, powered by MADIE, introduces an unprecedented level of access and safety to the ecosystem of medication management. This integration represents a significant enhancement to the CareVision suite of management tools.