In June 2023, Kylie White, the founder and director of Amina Partnership, shared insights into their successful journey with CareVision, Australia’s leading technology provider in the aged care sector.

Amina Partnership Group, based in Melbourne, Australia, operates on a unique business model that prioritizes employee experience, quality care, and hands-on management to address key challenges within the aged care sector. 

 CareVision has been at the forefront of revolutionizing aged care with its cutting-edge solutions. Their innovative approach combines user-friendly technology with a person-centred care management system. This approach allows for seamless tracking of the resident journey from home care to retirement living, and through to residential care.  

 A Model Focused on Empowerment and Growth

Kylie described Amina Partnership’s model as one that empowers the frontline workforce, enhances their skills, and minimizes reliance on ongoing directives. She stated, “They are provided with in-depth care information and supported by a hands-on leadership and peer support model.”  

 The decision to choose CareVision over other technology providers was influenced by critical factors such as value for money and exceptional customer service. Kylie explained, “The layout of the system is incredibly user-friendly for frontline staff, which was a key driver for us through this phase/large part of our approach.” CareVision’s simplified application did not compromise the product’s quality, making it the perfect fit for Amina’s approach.

 One of the significant advantages of CareVision for Amina Partnership was its seamless integration with Xero, the financial software platform. This integration streamlined billing processes and financial management, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Exceeding Expectations: The Major Benefits of CareVision

  The implementation of CareVision surpassed Amina Partnership’s expectations, largely due to the excellent customer service provided by the CareVision Team. Kylie emphasized that CareVision’s understanding of Amina’s operations further solidified their position as a valuable partner. She stated, “I receive regular check-ins from the (CareVision) Team. They genuinely took the time to understand Amina’s starting point but also what we are moving towards over the next 24 months and have guided us through.”

CareVision’s implementation was ahead of schedule for several phases, demonstrating their flexibility and efficiency. Despite changes in the timeline, CareVision accommodated Amina’s needs without hesitation. The system’s value for money remained consistent, leading to an outstanding partnership.

A Standout Response to Challenges

Kylie shared a story of a challenge during implementation. CareVision’s prompt response and efficient resolution of the issue impressed Amina Partnership, cementing their decision to choose CareVision. She recalled, “The Amina team had accidentally followed a process incorrectly through roll out which had resulted in duplicate services to schedule. When identified (at 4.30 pm on a Friday), the team responded immediately and scheduled an out-of-hours call to correct the error clearly demonstrating an understanding of the urgency and risk to client care.”

CareVision’s responsiveness to customizations, particularly around permission settings, was outstanding. The team understood Amina’s needs and considered them for future releases, ensuring a tailored solution.

 Given the consistent value for money, strong business relationship, and positive feedback from the team, Amina Partnership would choose CareVision again without hesitation.

A Genuine Partnership for Success

 Kylie’s advice for organizations considering CareVision is to focus on enhancing customer and employee experiences while meeting compliance and legislative requirements. Embrace technology to simplify care and quality, empowering stakeholders to shape the experience positively.

 Amina Partnership’s success story with CareVision is a testament to the power of a genuine partnership, value-driven technology, and a shared commitment to quality care in the aged care sector in Australia.

For more information and to see the solution in action, contact CareVision today at 1300 324 070.