When you’re caring for the elderly, there are essential things you have to take into consideration as a carer or lifestyle manager for you to be able to give quality care. Though there are specific modules for aged care workers to help them train, many older Australians have particular care needs in their daily lives.

Here we have listed five ways to help make caring easier when you’re assisting the elderly.

Having a client management tool for your work

As a carer or a lifestyle manager, you might have several residents you assist and care for every week. That’s why it’s important to have a client management tool where you can input their information, goals, personal case notes, health history and care plans.

CareVision’s Care Management Platform lets you keep all client records in a secure place. You can view their care plans and easily access their information for you to understand their specific needs and preferences when receiving care.

You can also view and access all your clients’ calendars, where you can set schedules and view their schedules with other carers to avoid conflict with doctor’s appointments, community gatherings and visitation hours with their loved ones.

Making use of a care worker mobile app for client services

Access all your care worker related details in your pocket. A care worker mobile app lets you access information while traveling to work or remote locations to provide care to the elderly.

A care worker mobile app lets you access your schedules, calculate travel time and optimise the route to reduce your time in traffic and have more time to provide care to your clients.

You can also use this app to communicate with other carers or lifestyle managers and your residents to provide information or updates regarding their care services.

Community Engagement Plan

When you are a lifestyle manager working around activity planning and managing social groups in a retirement village, a community engagement plan can help you plan activities, events and social gatherings that are perfect for your residents.

A community engagement plan can include content calendars for events and activity ideas that fit your residents’ interests. This can also guide you to check their capabilities in participating, such as physical, psychological and emotional conditions.

CareVision’s Lifestyle Management Software is a great all-in-one digital tool for lifestyle managers to help you plan and track lifestyle goals. With this software, you can draft events and social schedules, manage RSVP’s and share event content. This is also great software to help reduce admin work for managers so you can focus on planning and organising lifestyle activities and events for your clients.

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Managing Volunteer Opportunities and Risk Compliance

As an aged care worker, you are tasked to create a safe and private environment for your residents. And to open opportunities to communicate and engage with other people inside and outside an aged care facility.

By managing volunteer opportunities, you ensure that you are giving them the chance to interact with others and share their interests and experiences while assuring safety for your residents.

As we grow older, there are increasing risk factors that have to be considered, especially for our physical health. That is why it is your duty as a carer to keep your aged care organisation safe by upholding strict standards and regulations to reduce potential risk when you are facilitating activities or social gathering.

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Tracking of Lifestyle & Health Goals for you residents

Making any lifestyle change can be challenging. Many people find that having a goal in mind encourages them to work towards their goals and keeps them motivated.

As a lifestyle manager, it is your responsibility to track each of your resident’s lifestyle goals and see what actions are they taking to achieve this goal, and it has been achieved already. This is a great way to encourage them and help them build self-confidence in themselves.

With a lifestyle goal tracker, you will be able to further understand your client and the goals they want to pursue. This can help you draft events that are aligned with their goals and motivations.

We want to help you in making care easier for your organisation. Learn more about CareVision here, or you can book a consultation and a free demo.